Vision & Mission


We commit to providing effective logistical solutions for air cargo customers, both domestic and international. We will go further to ensure customer satisfaction, while nurturing a pool of committed employees who are happy to contribute to the Indonesian economy.
We seek to capture a major share of the market by playing a pivotal role to increase Indonesia’s import and export trade. With our efficiency airport-to-airport and door-to-door deliveries, we have set a dispatch reliability target of 98%, with all packages arriving in time and fully intact.
Within the next 24 months, we expect to expand our network beyond Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei to other to other parts of ASEAN, and as far as China and Japan. To facilitate this growth, our fleet will be upgraded to medium-size cargo aircraft with a minimum payload of 30 tons.
To be recognized as an airline that goes the extra mile to provide uncompromised and personalized service, while staying committed to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability as the standard-bearer for the Indonesian domestic and international cargo airline sector.