I came onboard MY INDO in (when?), bringing almost 20 years of relevant management experience with me. Growing a new airline beyond local business needs is a challenge which I welcome.
My goal : To standardize and enhance all activities relating to airline operations, including technical matters. My immediate task is to ensure every operational aspect is in line with aviation regulations. Further down the road is our greater objective of ensuring completion satisfaction for all our customers.
Professional qualifications : PPL dari DKUPPU no licence : 990 General licence A1 dan A4 dari DKUPPU No. licence : 98 dan 106 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence No. 5082 Fit and Proper test sebagai Chief QA/ Chief Inspector dari DKUPPU 2007 Fit and Proper test sebagai Manager Teknik dari DKUPPU 2009.
Work experience : My expertise is wide in scope, with a background that spans piloting, aeronautical engineering, flying school and extensive experience at a cargo company where I progressed from line engineer to inspector, flight engineer to test flight pilot until I become a director.