I joined MY INDO in 2013, with a mandate to achieve zero accidents across the board in every operational aspect of the airline. From planning and implementing, tracking and enforcing corrective action  all within aviation guidelines everything is designed to achieve and enhance impeccable safety. 
My goal: To turn My INDO's safety record into a priceless asset that inspires confidence and utmost reliability among customers. This requires in-depth knowledge and meticulousattention to every detail, along with a strict no-compr omise philosophy.
Professional qualifications: Astro & Aeronautical Engineering  Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia Training courses include: Aircraft Planning & Design  TU Delft & ITB at Bandung A/C Stability & Control ITB & TU Delft at Bandung Crew Resource Management Course  Merpati Nusantara Air Safety Management System  DKUPPU/DGCA Safety Flight Training Garuda Company Aviation Safety Officer  Ministry of Transport Safety Audit Work Shop  DGCA & JICA.
Work experience: I bring a unique blend of experience that blends almost 40 years of engineering, planning and flight operations with human resource, safety & security management, and senior management.