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My Indo Airlines takes flight with a priceless advantage: Four decades of experience and expertise, acquired from operating three successful airlines. If there is one thing have learnt these past 40 years, it is quite simply this: Never stop becoming better. This means to keep upgrading, keep listening, keeping aware of market changes, and being committed to meeting - at times – even exceeding customers’ expectations.
We live at a time of busier skies, ever changing networks and alliances, and stricter new regulations. These era is marked by insurmountable barriers for introduction of a new airline, however with a proven track record and a capable team we are please to be awarded our AOC in 2014 under the new flagship MY Indo Airlines.
Overcoming multiple changes over the year and adapting to the ever changing aviation landscape, we have put ourselves at the forefront of innovation. Now with a bold new vision to redefine the future standard of private medium-sized cargo carriers, we see opportunities for growth.
New technologies, cutting-edge operating systems and new teams of high-calibre managers embrace the lessons learnt, the commitment to value, integrity and reliability, as well as the clients – both big and small – which have helped to maintain a priceless track record. In anticipation of the region’s impending open skies policy, where airlines from each country can operate in member countries without limits, MY Indo is working towards mutual cooperation with major airlines in the region. We aim maximise our market share and leverage as market conditions – all for the benefit of our clients.
Apart from offering better networks, MY Indo airlines together with its affiliates group of companies is proud to offer the following to its clients:
• Proven success in quality air logistics, freight forwarding cargo and passenger services
• Operations that span the world’s major locations as well as remote destinations
• Network of offices: Singapore, Jakarta, Halim, Batam,Balikpapan, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Labuan, Brunei, Manila, Clark, The Middle East, and elsewhere around the world through associates and partners
• Services in Asia Pacific, Micronesia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America
• Warehouse facilities throughout ASEAN countries
• A fleet of wholly-owned company and long term leased aircraft
So what’s the most important lesson we have learnt over the years? Never say NO!
We welcome any enquiries, and we commit to delivering a solution.
After all, MY Indo is The Way To Go.